LinkedIn: To Endorse or not to Endorse…

LinkedIn: To Endorse or not to Endorse… The new LinkedIn feature of endorsements has been around for a couple of months and is now likely to be available to all members – so you may be asking: Good or Bad? Looking around, naturally as with anything new, there are those that really don’t like this … Continue reading

Estates Agents and Social Media

Recently, my social media colleagues and I got into a discussion about the marketing methods used by Estate Agents – mainly, the local paper. The topic arose as we discussed the huge number of adverts in the local paper – without any digital link that may allow the reader to see something in more detail. I mentioned … Continue reading

Employing a Marketing Individual for Social Media – Conned?

Just two years ago, there were not anywhere near as many Social Media jobs you see now.  That’s on job portals, LinkedIn and probably other places I haven’t looked (the papers perhaps?). Many of these jobs are titled Marketing Executive, Online Marketer, Social Media Assistant, Social Media Co-ordinator etc.  The hourly pay rate ranges from … Continue reading

LinkedIn – Social Advertising

Do you want to switch it off or leave it on? You may have seen many warning messages with titles such as: “A Box You Want to Uncheck on LinkedIn” “LinkedIn has done a Facebook on us” “LinkedIn is using your private details for its own advertising”  Most of these are issued by those that … Continue reading

Advertising on LinkedIn or Faceboook – beware!

There is an understandable amount of scepticism about advertising online as it is – upon hearing even more negative reviews of this type of advertising, more and more businesses end up missing out on what can impact a business substantially. Recently, at an event I was presenting at, I was thankful to have just enough … Continue reading

I set myself up on Social Media and saved thousands!

I have been doing some research on why businesses are resisting Social Media help and have found the standard answer to be: “I have set myself up over the weekend and saved myself thousands!” Woweee! As I attempt a short explanation that the setting up of Social Media is more complex than people think, naturally … Continue reading