Whats Up with WhatsApp

Looking to find out more about WhatsApp and the risks of using this application – look out for our new post in the next few days!

Social Media and The Legal Industry

Why Legal? As the number of Social Media “experts” grows daily, we also see a number of them finding their niche in the legal industry.  Some have a personal reason to, others do because they have a legal background, and then you get those that simply target law firms for no reason at all.  Those … Continue reading

A New Kind of Social

I have been delivering Social Media presentations for the last five years and have seen some serious changes develop during that time. I have also worked alongside leading digital marketing agencies, training their staff, their clients and delivering even more presentations on their behalf.  This particular work has given me great insight into the latest … Continue reading

Bad advice from successful entrepreneurs

It’s now been nearly five years since I entered the world of entrepreneurship from my background of the corporate world of freelancing and employment. Ever since I took that step of leaving the glamorous role of Sales and Marketing Manager at Airbus, I have been taking advice from experienced business owners, mentors, business advisors, and … Continue reading

LinkedIn: Forced to Endorse

Over a week ago we submitted a post “LinkedIn: To Endorse or not to Endorse” which has received a fabulous response.  Thank You to our readers for this! Since then however, we have received lots of requests from readers that feel they are being forced to endorse and not necessarily for the relevant skills.  For … Continue reading

LinkedIn Company Profile & Your Individual Profile

Assuming you have created your Company Profile, you now need to ensure it is linked to your Individual profile for all to see.  To create the Company Profile, click on “Companies” in LinkedIn and then select the link labelled “Add a Company” which is at the top right for the screen).   To connect your … Continue reading

How to ensure your Page is visible to Profile viewers – Facebook

You have a personal profile and a business Page on Facebook.  But if someone should “friend” you or look at your profile, will they be able to find your Page?   For some, keeping business separate from personal activity is important on Facebook.  In this case, you may not want the Page to be linked … Continue reading

How NOT to use LinkedIn

I have recently received a request in LinkedIn – due to which I nearly fell off my chair! To receive sales promotions or other rubbish via the messaging facility in LinkedIn is one thing, but to receive a message that basically suggested that I buy from them or get lost (and be removed as a … Continue reading

Business Tendrils – Loading up the articles

Business Tendrils has been posting articles for some time now – only we have been doing more for those we work with than Business Tendrils itself! Now it is December, the season to get your own house in order!  Hence we are loading up the information here for all to see in one central place! … Continue reading