A New Kind of Social

I have been delivering Social Media presentations for the last five years and have seen some serious 079M0049changes develop during that time.

I have also worked alongside leading digital marketing agencies, training their staff, their clients and delivering even more presentations on their behalf.  This particular work has given me great insight into the latest and most creative happenings in the industry.

I have been privy to the best online marketing campaigns delivered using tools that are sophisticated and available only to some.

One thing I had not seen was a company that was ready to invest into social media in such a way, that its entire marketing strategy, the business’s move forward and growth during the recession would be entirely down to its “Social Proof”.  That was until I met ViSalus.

It was a strange introduction.  It was an Independent Promoter for ViSalus that was looking for a Social Media body and found me.  As it happens, I was looking for their products which are all about weight control as I was already trying out various weight control products due to my own health matters.  The meeting is further described in a completely separate blog post here, however, to cut a long story short, this gentleman seemed keen to learn what he could about social media and get to know others in this field – to recruit as well as to help spread the word.

unableFor me, I was more interested in the products as they are meal replacement kits designed to help you get fit.  The entire product is packaged into “kits” of which there are several different kinds, depending on your own health goals.  Your goal and the right kit are what make up what they call the “90 Day Challenge” – a term used widely in their marketing.  What struck me was that the kits work even if you are not able to exercise, which was the situation for me at that time.  In fact, I had put on a load of weight as a result of not being able to exercise.  So the decision to try the products out was a pretty quick one, particularly as they were hardly expensive for what they are supposed to help you achieve.

Having tried out the products, and getting some results, I got a close family member to try them out.  This lady had some serious weight to lose and had previously tried everything to no avail.  Here I also saw results, fantastic results in fact.

So my interest grew and I learnt more about this fantastic company: ViSalus.  They use the brand Body By Vi and although the initial idea of a Network Marketing business was a little off-putting, I was surprised at the importance they give to the use of Social Media.  These guys not only talk the talk, they actually walk their talk!  To date, I have met plenty that claim how a business will not survive without the use of Social Media, yet hardly any of them actually put their money where their mouth is.  It takes a lot of faith and character to do this.  Most of all, it takes a seriously entrepreneurial spirit to invest heavily into any new marketing tool such as Social Media.

However, to make a business into a success, one must first love the product or service, and then buy into the process.  Hardly difficult as the process is … Social Media in the ViSalus way.  Needless to say, am in love with both.

Realising the impact these products have had on me and some of my contacts, hearing praises of how I have changed someone’s life, learning about where this company is headed, seeing their developments in the Social Media world, I could not resist but get involved.

The Future

futeristicFor me, joining forces with a futuristic organisation that is yet to go viral in a way that is almost unthinkable, using tools I already love was a match made in heaven.

So where am I now?  I am very pleased to say, I have found a combination of my love for Social Media and my commitment to fitness go hand in hand.  I am now providing detailed Social Media training to other promoters whilst I also promote The 90 Day Challenge and get paid for changing peoples lives!  All because I know it works and because I have a taste for that positive “impact on others” that I had never experienced before.

My Social Media Company [Business Tendrils] is simply growing as a result.  After all, it is following in the footsteps of a marketing genius called ViSalus.

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