LinkedIn: Forced to Endorse

Over a week ago we submitted a post “LinkedIn: To Endorse or not to Endorse” which has received a fabulous response.  Thank You to our readers for this!

Since then however, we have received lots of requests from readers that feel they are being forced to endorse and not necessarily for the relevant skills.  For instance, when you visit a connections profile, you see the box at the top suggesting a wide variety of “skills” you can endorse the connection for.  However, looking down the profile you notice that the “skills” listed and indeed the content of what this connection is all about is quite something else.

So how is LinkedIn trying to get you to endorse your connection for these weird and wonderful but irrelevant skills?  Well, mostly (but not always) the skills are “auto-suggestions” based on some content somewhere within the profile.

Auto-suggestions appear like this at the top of the profile:

Endorse Others

Rarely a connection might have added a skill as a joke.  For example, someone I know has added “drinking red wine” as a skill.  Another has added “endorsements” as a skill – all for a laugh.  LinkedIn has picked these up and suggested them to you upon your visit to their profile.

The problem is that people do not know how to get rid of this either when they are visiting someone’s profile, or on their own profile.  So we have decided to explain this in our latest Coffee Break Training Video (2.5 minutes only) Click Here to access it.  For those of you that prefer a text explanation, here goes.

To control the endorsements that LinkedIn has forced upon you when you visit your connections’ profile:

The box you see has X’s against each skill and another X on the top right of the box itself.  These X’s can be used to remove individual skills or to remove the entire box.


Note that when you remove individual skills, you can add some of your own choice there instead.  However, I recommend scrolling down the profile to see the list of skills the connection has listed themselves.  Then simply endorse the ones you see fit.

To take back an endorsement, simply go back to that list of Skills on your connections profile and click the endorsement again.  When you hover over the skill, it gives you a + or – sign.  + Is to endorse, and – is to remove that endorsement.



To control the endorsements shown on your own profile:  Simply go to edit your profile by clicking on Profile – Edit Profile and then scroll down to your Skills & Expertise section.  Click on the link at the top right of the endorsements which is labelled “+ Add a skill”:


This will bring up an editable list of Skills & Expertise.  Here you can remove skills by clicking on the X next to the skill:


Don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button when you are done.

To hide individual endorsements, you will need to remove that particular connection.  Not sure why you might want to use this feature, perhaps if you are embarrassed of an association to a connection, or have fallen out with them I guess.

The feature shown below is no longer available!


If you receive an endorsement for a skill you didn’t list on your profile, these will appear at the top when you log in and view your own profile.  You can use the X to remove the skill or the entire suggestion in the same way as you can use the X above to remove skills.

Hoping you found this useful – if you have any suggestions for posts or videos – please send an email to:


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