LinkedIn – Social Advertising

Do you want to switch it off or leave it on?

You may have seen many warning messages with titles such as:

“A Box You Want to Uncheck on LinkedIn”

“LinkedIn has done a Facebook on us”

“LinkedIn is using your private details for its own advertising” 

Most of these are issued by those that claim to have above average knowledge of Social Networking for business.  Yet, all of them have failed to see the benefit of this new feature which they have labelled so negatively.

So, what is this about?

Basically, LinkedIn sent all members a message about their new feature called Social Advertising (you can find it in Settings – Account) which allows your photo and name to be shown when you endorse anyone or anything on LinkedIn.  This is like the phrase: “X number of people in your network like this”.

The X however will show a number of pictures and names.  It is important to note that these pictures and names are “clickable” links – to individual profiles.

This has been implemented on a trial basis and LinkedIn were waiting for feedback…… and then we got a billion emails, articles and discussions that looked like this:

A box you want to uncheck on LinkedIn (my opinion, no explanation as to Why?)

Turn off LinkedIn Social Advertising  (once again, Why?)

All those with Little Knowledge started spreading the word, telling others in their status updates how to switch this off whilst sensationalising the feature with warning signs everywhere.  Of course, these people get lots of thanks in return – but I am surprised that nobody, not one asked why.  Nor could anyone see the benefit:  FREE ADVERTISING!!!

As a result, LinkedIn issued an update stating that the pictures will be removed from the feature.  See article here – direct from LinkedIn.  What is appalling is how many negative articles and comments continued to be sent out even after this update – but then again, it takes dedication to Social Media news to know about the latest changes.  I expect not many of these people knew how to do this.

In various replies I have stated what was the obvious to me (free advertising for those that want it) and received some positive responses – however, this has caused an even bigger divide between those that know what they are talking about and those that have “Little Knowledge”.

Apart from demonstrating the dangers of listening to someone with little knowledge, this clearly illustrates the number of people that simply follow the direction of the crowd rather than reason.


If you want publicity (free advertising) then leave it on and don’t listen to the warnings that hold no substance anyway.

If you would like to use social networking but with discretion, or you tend to use a disguise, then do switch it off.

Majority of people that use social networking are looking for more – and are open to free advertising and hence, the mentioned feature (Social Advertising) will be welcomed.  And if there are not many people taking advantage of this by leaving it on, then the advertising will work even better for those that are!


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