Advertising on LinkedIn or Faceboook – beware!

There is an understandable amount of scepticism about advertising online as it is – upon hearing even more negative reviews of this type of advertising, more and more businesses end up missing out on what can impact a business substantially.

Recently, at an event I was presenting at, I was thankful to have just enough time to finish off with some detail about using Facebook Advertising.

Not surprisingly, someone had first hand knowledge of many campaigns resulting in nothing but a loss. Loss of money, loss of time and nothing to show for it but a bad experience. The question was “how can you rate it if every campaign has failed?”.

From my experience, Facebook advertising is a complicated tool that can weald great results – only when the user knows he or she will get it wrong at some point! In this case, it was a sad fact to state that “yes all those campaigns must have had something wrong with them”. Surprising but if you ask an Ad Agency that focuses purely on these type of Ads, they will tell you the same. The same experience – except it is with trial an error (and experience of this) they get it right without losing almost any money.

At the same time, to date, I have not met anyone that has had any success using LinkedIn Ads. I have however come across many that have had substantial results from Facebook advertising and Google advertising – just not from LinkedIn.

Facebook Advertising is becoming more popular by the day as people begin to understand the commitment it takes to use this tool. The main drawback of this new type of advertising is that its not as simple as putting an add out there and then going about your business whilst at the same time waiting for a response. In fact, it is quite the opposite if you are to make a success of it. Once you have put your ad in place, you need to watch it – and monitor it’s activity with utter commitment. I guess this is why Ad agencies exist – that is what they do.

Whilst you are watching it, you may realise that it is not working – all you need to do is to hit “Pause” – and save your money. Then you can create another campaign and see how that runs. Keep in mind that even the most experienced Ad Agencies have to go through this process and if you ever get to look at their advertising account, you will see hundreds of campaigns on Pause – for the same reason.

What is surprising is that the tweaks of the campaign that change the results are almost unthinkable even to the experienced Facebook user. The tweaks can be as simple as changing the picture in the ad, the background colour in the picture, a couple of the words and sometimes just the one word. It is only when you are able to continuously tweak and try that you will find it’s worth.

Ad Agencies have teams committed to such activities for their clients and yes the charge for this type of service is not small. Hence there is a market for smaller Social Media companies to provide this service. At the end of the day, whoever takes care of the Advertising – they must have the time to commit and experience of the tweaking that has helped previously.

I must state that with some possible trial an error, a business owner, marketer or PR specialists can gain some very good results – and hence such features are available in courses that are geared toward marketers. However, time commitment to such advertising may be a challenge and if this is the case, you might like to consider outsourcing to a specialist. Should you do this, at least you now have an idea of what to expect and always remember to allow them the time to find the perfect campaign.

To your success!


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