How NOT to use LinkedIn

I have recently received a request in LinkedIn – due to which I nearly fell off my chair!

To receive sales promotions or other rubbish via the messaging facility in LinkedIn is one thing, but to receive a message that basically suggested that I buy from them or get lost (and be removed as a connection) is something new!

The message read like this:  (edited to remove the identity of those who sent it!)

<My use of linked in is purely professional and as such if you are not interested in purchasing a service or product to improve the quality of your life from my business XXX further details can be found at XXX then I have nothing to offer you and suggest we terminate our professional association. 

If on the other hand you know you have something that I may wish to purchase then here’s your chance to sell it to me. >

OK so this person has offered the same in return, i.e. we are welcome to sell to her too.  BUT, the fundamental problem with this is that she has not at all understood the value of CONTACTS which is what LinkedIn is really all about.  Worse, she has basically stated that unless I am a her customer or supplier (directly), there is no point in being connections!!

Well, I could have used the opportunity to sell her a course on how to use LinkedIn, or better still, the Introduction to Social Media session.  But instead I figured this is another that has decided she knows how to work it by her own rules (DIY) – or indeed has already received bad advice.  Very bad advice.

So I decided to remove her as a connection instead of taking the time to reply.  It’s taken a while to learn that some people have simply decided they can do it themselves, and they are not usually open to getting help.  In these cases, I feel it is best to leave it until they themselves realise they are not getting a return from their efforts.

I did notice that within hours of her sending this message, she lost several connections – 14 to be exact.

LinkedIn is a professional network where you can build valuable and respected contacts.  It is not a sales site.


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