I set myself up on Social Media and saved thousands!

I have been doing some research on why businesses are resisting Social Media help and have found the standard answer to be:
“I have set myself up over the weekend and saved myself thousands!”
As I attempt a short explanation that the setting up of Social Media is more complex than people think, naturally the response that is so silent is something along the lines of: “I created my Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profiles – so it’s done”.
The only thing left to say is that these individuals will find that they are missing a lot but only time will show them this as they begin to discover zero return for much work, and really no strategy in ensuring any future return. They simply exist online without a purpose or objective. Of course, they cannot know this because they don’t know what else is required.
This is further confirmed when you do look at their DIY creations. Usually a good attempt but resulting in empty looking profiles, linked, unlinked, and connected in all the default places. One way communication will start as there is nobody listening or engaging with them. If there is, it will be a friend or member of the family that is not of business value to them.
For example, you can create an individual and company profile on LinkedIn, but:
Have you connected them?
Do you know why you might want to connect them?
Did you link another platform such as Twitter to them? In the right place or the annoying your contacts place?
Did you set it up to ensure your recommendations are separated and linked to specific products and services?
Have you uploaded your electronic brochure?
Do you know what to use in order to do this?
Have you included videos?
Is your SEO (search engine optimisation really complete? If so, why does your link say “Company Website”?
This is just a fraction of analysis on LinkedIn, wait till I get started on Facebook and Twitter!
Naturally, after a while, the DIY businesses will start resenting Social Media and calling it hype simply because they did not reap any benefits from their efforts.
The above situation was inevitable as Social Media is so new and the level of knowledge is so varied that people feel they “should be able to DIY” because someone else did. It appears that a visionary approach is taken only by either large corporations that have the ability to spot a field that requires specific effort and skill, or those that have a true desire to grow their business fast rather than waste time on something they have to figure out.
The rest are likely to DIY and pretty much stay exactly the same in a few years as they are today. Unless they truly learn the ins and outs of ….. what they simply don’t know.
Difficult, as how do you price up something you don’t know about.
Social Media remains an area that is yet to gain respect. Mostly, the smaller businesses take a lot of time to respect new ideas and certainly where there is hype, they are wary. Meanwhile, visionary businesses of all sizes that have either realised the benefits of Social Media or have the finance to invest in new projects for growth are not waiting around to see if they fail, they head forward and only spare time for the results.


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