“I hate the internet – it’s killing my business!”

Recently I got to speak to local businesses individually and find out what they felt about their business in the current climate and if they wanted to find out about learning to use Social Media to get more business.

The response from many was positive – but the odd few told me how much they “hate” the Internet and how it is destroying their business. One of them even said that he “wouldn’t touch the Internet as it is lethal”
These particular businesses have completely closed their mind to something that would help them overcome their business challenges and yet they don’t want to hear about it.

With further investigation, I realised that it is Change that they are avoiding. Having to learn or pay for something new that they don’t understand. Unfortunately, the Change is real and the internet is here to stay – unless of course government have a change of plans like in other parts of the world. Unlikely I think.
Given that these businesses have always paid for some form of Marketing – newspapers, flyers, networking, whatever. They are fully aware that the same Marketing methods are no longer delivering. So they continue along the same path (because it is familiar ground) and accept that the return is even less and yes, business is dying.

What I don’t understand is the acceptance! Unless these business owners have been super cool with their investments – how are they going to finance “old age”? After all, they might live another good few decades in which they are likely to need some cash, right? Or maybe they believe that their business will continue to finance them as long as they live….. and if their business dies…. then what?

Change is inevitable. It has always happened and always will. It certainly is faster now and so is bound to make some of us a little uncomfortable. But to be in your 40s or 50s and give up….?! So early!

Anyway, I remembered some saying that said you can’t be helped unless you are willing to be helped and left it at that.


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